With a variety of cross-sector projects, the team at Farleigh is committed to exploring and reviewing new opportunities nationwide.

The business is dedicated to working with land owners in various ways.

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Unconditional Freehold Purchase

We look to purchase sites without planning permission which we will then add value to, by obtaining a planning consent allowing us to build out or sell on as suits.


Land Promotion Agreements & Option Agreements

We agree a ‘lock out’ on a site with the land owner, Farleigh then utilise our team of consultants to add value to the site by obtaining planning and/or a change in zoning, taking all the risk of significant fees whilst often sharing the uplift with the land owner 



We look to purchase land which has the benefit of outline or full planning permission across the UK.


Joint Venture

We look to form joint ventures with like minded people. Farleigh can bring significant investment and expertise to the table. We have already seen significant success with our Farleigh RenGen JV which is based in Bristol.